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Whats happening

Hi, at the moment we are working on some revised house plans with the engineer. We bought the land with planning permission and plans for a house, but we want to change them a bit. These changes are mostly inside and don’t need permission so once we get them sorted which should be in the next week or so we will post them so you can see.

Then we need to get a builder but it is unlikely that anyone will want to start building until April/May because the land is wet. So this gives us some time to get organised with windows, which we would like to be sash, heating which should be geothermal and a site plan, which is a challenge.

I’m a bit over whelmed by the garden or the big empty space as it is now. I’ve always been irresponsible around house plants as the pile of empty pots in our shed will tell (one for each plant that didnít make it). So landscaping, planting and my aspirations for veg patch are a tall order at the moment. At the very least if I can convince Tara to let me hire little digger to “landscape” it will be fun.